7 Mehmet

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To understand this unique place, first we should have a look the story behind the legendary restaurateur Mehmet Akdag. His head-chef, Hadji Hasan, was a very choosey and careful person in his profession and one day, one guest found a hair in his dish and this event turned his head-chef crazy. This fact made the head-chef really very angry and his head-chef aligned all of the employees in a line and gave them a penalty. Next day, all employees came to restaurant with baldheads. Mehmet learned his lesson from this event and he took his share also from this penalty and after Mehmet's hairs were cut-off, a V shaped scar appeared on his head, as this scar was remained him from a traffic accident, which he had in his childhood. Shape of this scar meant "seven" in the old Turkish alphabet.
7 Mehmet
This fact drew attention of his head-chef and he added the prefix 7 before his name and gave him the nickname of 7Mehmet and his lifelong, this 7 had never been deleted. So, the adventure of 7Mehmet started. For years guest satisfaction is the key meaning for restaurant.
7 mehmet antalya
We are happy to support them with our wooden spoons to make happier 7Mehmet customers. The guests are delighted of 7Mehmet desserts as complimentary  on disposable wooden spoon.

We supported 7Mehmet with plain wooden spoon.


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